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We have developed this web site to allow Web Site Owners, App Developers, Business Owners and publishers of mobile apps to get their web sites, apps and Facebook pages in the hands of testers, so that they can get a positive rating for their sites, apps and pages in much less time.

When you launch your web site, app or Facebook page you tell all of your friends and your social network about it. You hope that all of them go and click, view, download and like your site, app or page. Then you hope that they give you a good rating, or if there are any problems, you hope they will tell you.

However, the way it really works is that you launch your site, app or page and tell your friends, hoping that nobody gives you any bad ratings, but unfortunately they do! Now there is a way to get your sites and apps into the hands of real live users who click, review, purchase and test it, and can either give it a great rating, or give you feedback without giving it a bad rating. This way, if there are any issues you can correct them and then receive a great rating!

Our network of testers can purchase, test, provide feedback and rate your web site, Facebook page, mobile app in a matter of hours! Not weeks or months! With our extensive network, you decide how many users you want testing and how many ratings you want to receive. We provide you with a full list of testers and we give you OFFLINE feedback that only you see. Based on the ratings and feedback we provide you with, you can correct issues or make any changes before everyone else sees it.

    This was fantastic!, I would never have been able to get the feedback and ratings as fast as you guys were, and your raters found several glitches in the app which I was able to quickly fix before the general public found them and gave me bad ratings" - Dave

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